Project Interactions is a collective of creative people practicing design, research, engineering, business and art.

We are an applied research and development partner to organizations. Our work involves envisioning new products, services, and ecosystems through iterative research, design, and engineering. We build first versions to pilot impact and validate business hypotheses.

While we are pretty industry agnostic, our most recent work involves:

  • Empowering people in healthcare using technology
  • Rethinking work in large scale connected systems and automation
  • Publishing content beyond books and linear formats.

Our favorite collaborators are:

  • Empathetic to users, business drivers, and fellow team members.
  • Comfortable with the back and forth between abstract and concrete when establishing strategy and tactics.
  • Proficient with their tools in applying their thinking to testable & releasable prototypes with world class hands-on skills.
  • Persuasive in making strategic arguments, framing and presenting their work.

Design / UX & UI (Contract, New York, ASAP)

We are looking for a designer with visual skills who can create impactful web and mobile service experiences based on user insights and business drivers.

Most likely, your work will go live very soon.

You will be working on 6-12 week projects, in sprints, together with human factors researchers, interaction designers, and software engineers.

Our projects require close collaboration with client stakeholders and users for continuous feedback and iteration. For this reason, we are primarily considering people in/around New York.

It is important that you excel in divergent and convergent design: thinking on paper with concept sketches, storyboard how interactions unfold, creating beautiful, functional interfaces with thoughtful detail.

In terms of level of experience: we are not concerned with how many years. Our criteria is your portfolio as evidence for excellence.

In submitted portfolios, we look for breadth and depth in the following: 

  • User Experience Artifacts (journeys, storyboards, frameworks etc)
  • Prototyping Artifacts (sketches, wireframes, clickthroughs)
  • Visual Design Artifacts (layout, color, typography)

If your skills in one of the above is stronger than others, it’s cool, just let us know.

If interested, please send us a short intro note and a link to your portfolio at

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